At month 5 with PhoneGap and

By SuperUser Account on 4/30/2014

Here I am, five months into this project (more like 7 or 8 months factoring in nights and weekends). I have my PhoneGap App for sale on the Google play store, it is "waiting for review" at the Apple App Store, but I'm still porting it to Windows 8 Phone . Was it easy? NO! Was going the PhoneGap route worth it? I’m not certain it was. A Mac mini is only about 600 bucks. A decent Windows 8 computer is about the same so I don’t think hardware cost has anything to do with that decision. I ended up enrolled in three developer programs and fighting through the deployment challenges for each anyway. If I were to start from scratch and build the app three times in Java, C# and Objective-C the learning curve for me would have been enormous, but the deployments would have been much easier given the native SDKs have built-in tools to help there. I’m not entirely certain becoming proficient with all three native SDKs is do-able in five months, but it might be, given I know C# pretty well and I’ve coded in Java now and then and back in the day I used to write some C++ on UNIX. One thing I do know is each of them are excellent SDKs with solid frameworks supporting them. I can’t say that about the PhoneGap route because the framework, Apache Cordova, has many limitations (it has to it is the lowest common denominator of several platforms like all cross platform frameworks), and it is difficult to use since it is still evolving alot. However, the main reason I chose PhoneGap instead of those is because I know the web (HTML5, JavaScript, etc.), and the web is constant and sustainable, unlike many vendor specific solutions. I wrote my first dynamic HTML application against an Oracle database backend back in the mid-90s. A lot of the things I learned developing that application were re-used developing this one (proof web knowledge lives a long time). I have to start building web-server pieces that will support my App now and I can easily re-use a lot of the App code I wrote for the web-server pieces. I believe PhoneGap is going to improve, I believe HTML 5 standards are going to improve and I believe all the various web browsers will get better at complying with the HTML 5 standards. Still, at the end of the day if I were back at my corporate job and I had the capital to hire three or four other developers, I wouldn’t go with PhoneGap because you just can’t match the native Mobile SDKs with it. However, given that I am only one developer, I believe I made the best compromise using PhoneGap since with it I am able get into the game and possibly compete against development teams much larger than myself.

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How did you get the icons to work on iOS ? I am getting all kind of problems with icons not being in the folder or being blank