How To Build A Mobile App With Nothing But A Browser

By SuperUser Account on 8/14/2014

Today I recorded a tutorial which explains how to build a simple Hello World PhoneGap App with nothing but a browser.   I appologize in advance for choppy dialog (I made it up as I went along).  I'll probably re-do the video when I get some time.  

At month 5 with PhoneGap and

By SuperUser Account on 4/30/2014

Here I am, five months into this project (more like 7 or 8 months factoring in nights and weekends). I have my PhoneGap App for sale on the Google play store, it is "waiting for review" at the Apple App Store, but I'm still porting it to Windows 8 Phone . Was it easy? NO! Was going the PhoneGap route worth it? I’m not certain it was. A Mac mini is only about 600 bucks. A decent Windows 8 computer is about the same so I don’t think hardware cost has anything to do with that decision. I ended up enrolled in three developer programs and fighting through the deployment challenges for each anyway. If I were to start from scratch and build the app three times in Java, C# and Objective-C the learning curve for me would have been enormous, but the deployments would have been much easier given the native SDKs have built-in tools to help there. I’m not entirely certain becoming proficient with all three native SDKs is do-able in five months, but it might be, given I know C# pretty ...

The Gap in the Last PhoneGap Mile

How to deploy a PhoneGap .IPA file to the Apple App Store

By SuperUser Account on 4/28/2014

Until today I was posting my blogs here until I discovered I could not make any images without gaining another subscription fee.   I don't mind subscription fees, in fact I have dozens of them, perhaps hundreds, I really don't know anymore... Anyway, I'm already paying for this website space and it let's me post images...

Javascript Toolkits and Frameworks

By SuperUser Account on 12/14/2013

Today was choose a Javascript toolkit or framework day.  It took days for me to get this far after setting up PhoneGap to build on my laptop with the Android SDK, push up the samePhoneGap app to build it for iOS on the PhoneGap build server, and then figure out effective ways to debug PhoneGap apps, but I’m still not home yet.  I began the day by comparing Javascript tool kits and I found myself thrown back in time to days I wrote C, C++ and Java.  I gave those languages up in favor of Visual Basic 3.0 and then .NET because of all the time I lost with toolkit and framework dilemmas using those languages.  Oh, and the confusing syntax, memory leaks, etc. etc.  Now I’m back there with several of those problems again with Javascript.  I read and read and read and the more I read the more I found to compare.  I think there’s two camps of programmers, the ones that think this good and ones that don’t.  One group thinks that these v ...

How to build a PhoneGap app for iOS with only a PC using the PhoneGap build server

By SuperUser Account on 12/12/2013

This blog assumes you have already installed PhoneGap locally and you created a simple Hello World app on your computer with PhoneGap.  See my previous post for instructions on doing that.  Also if you prefer you can use my hot-rodded Hello World app available here, but you will have to have already created an empty Hello World app first and then copy those files into it.

How to debug Android PhoneGap Apps locally on windows

By SuperUser Account on 12/11/2013

Be sure to read my previous post  first since this post builds on “option 1″ which is about building a PhoneGap app for Android locally on your Windows computer.  It is not about using “option 2″ which is building PhoneGap apps with the PhoneGap build server.  I’ll blog on option 2 in my next post.

How to locally build your first PhoneGap app for Android on Windows

By SuperUser Account on 12/6/2013

This post can save you a lot of time because it consolidates information from several websites in one place.  Also, I found the PhoneGap Getting Started and Android Platform Guides to be out-of-date as of today, so this should help you avoid the wild goose chases. A couple of days ago I managed to get my PhoneGap hello world app for Android to run on my Galaxy S4.  It actually took several hours to get everything down and installed and working on my new laptop.  First, be aware that there are two very different ways to build apps with PhoneGap: 1) on your computer on top of the native SDK and IDE E.G. the Android Developer Kit with Eclipse or X-Code for IOS. or 2) PhoneGap now provides a build server at where your locally installed PhoneGap tools can be used to upload your source code and compile it there for multiple mobile platforms. If you choose to go strictly with option 2, then you really won’t need the ...

The quest for cross-platform-utopia

By SuperUser Account on 12/5/2013

Back in the old days many developers searched for a cross-platform-utopia which gave that “develop once, deploy everywhere” solution.  Today developers still struggle to deploy to Microsoft, Mac and Unix from the same source code, but on top of that we now have the mobile platforms to worry about too.  Consequently I’m spending even more time reading, talking to other developers, installing SDKs and spinning my wheels making choices.   Recently I found myself forced to once again resume my quest for cross-platform-utopia.  Cross-platform development is like the lost city of gold for software developers.  I remember working on a C++ GUI back in the 90′s which ran on Windows, Mac and UNIX Motif.  At the end of the day it was a real pain and debatable as to whether we saved any effort by using the cross-platform solution.  We ended up writing almost as many lines of pre-compiler directives as C++ code, but we got it done.  It’s the mid 90′s and here ...