The DATA-EASY Forms Collection and Distribution System is the perfect tool to collect data, photos and GPS coordinates to files, servers and more.   Use use the Forms Mobile App to build whatever forms you need. Use the Data-Easy Cloud to centralize and distribute whatever you collect.  To get started, download the Forms Mobile App from one of the App stores and build your forms.  Next, register with this site and visit the Cloud Front page to create your own clouds and connect your forms to them. 

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Get The App Here!


The Forms App is now available on the GEOINT App Store for Department of Defense and Intelligence Community users. Download from the GEOINT App Store:GEOIN APP STORE
Google Android  |  Apple iOS

  • Reduce the amount of equipment required to operate in the field
  • Users can be trained quickly
  • Inexpensive
  • Reduce errors caused by humans manipulating data
  • Reduce the number of steps required to produce maps and documents, fewer steps amount to fewer errors
  • No need for expensive GPS data collection devices
  • Make use of the devices people already own, such as smartphones, to collect accurate Data, GPS Coordinates, Digital Photos and Sound
  • Increase the chances of having a data collection device available when it is needed (many people always have a smartphone with them)
  • Save time required to create maps and documents
  • Meaningful file names increase the lifespan and usefulness of your digital photo files and sound files
  • Digitally integrate your data and files into several media formats without re-typing the data
  • Electronically feed data and files into Databases and other Enterprise Systems
  • Share data collected on Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive, if you want to
  • Keep data secure by transferring it from the Mobile Device to your computer by USB cable
  • Inspections
  • Assessments
  • Appraisals
  • Research
  • Asset Inventory Assessments
  • Archaeology, Biology, Engineering
  • Mapping
  • Surveys
  • Facility Management
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Inventory
  • Damage Reports
  • Utility Asset Management
  • Dept. Of Transportation Asset Management
  • City and County Asset Management
  • Crowd Sourcing
  • Forestry
  • Geocaching
  • Bird Watching
  • Catalogs
  • Energy Assessments
  • Journalism
  • Advanced Photo Albums
  • Website Content
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Accident Investigation
  • Insurance Claims
  • and more!...
  • Easily build custom data collection forms
  • Use your forms to collect data, GPS Coordinates, Photos and Sound
  • Share your forms with your team
  • Modify your forms on-the-fly whenever and wherever you are using them
  • Runs remotely, no data network / internet connection required
  • View data collected on the device with Google Maps
  • Touch spots on the Google Maps to create point data as if taken by GPS
  • Easily search the data collected 
  • Export the data to Microsoft Office, ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, Google Maps, Google Earth, etc.
  • Automatically 2-way synchronize data with database located in the cloud or on your private network
  • Use a web page to see the data synchronized as it is collected in the field
  • Push data entered into web pages to the devices in the field
  • Automatically feed data synchronized from the devices into your system
  • Collect large amounts of data without slowing down the App
  • Collect the weather report from the weather station closest to your position

   The DATA-EASY Cloud 

The DATA-EASY Cloud simplifies and speeds up acquisition, management and use of field data.  Some of the features include:

  • Management of data and multiple field devices from desktop computers
  • An on-line GIS Interface to view, browse, search and print field data in maps
  • An on-line user interface to build Data Collection Forms and push them out to devices in the field
  • Near real time data acquisition on a computer or from a field device, watch the data show up in the Cloud as it is collected

To form a cloud, first register with this site.  Next, click on Cloud Front in the menu.

If you "Join a Cloud" on your device, the DATA-EASY Forms Mobile App automatically synchronizes it's data to and from your private, secure cloud database.  Once a mobile device or computer joins your cloud it is connected to all the other devices in your cloud and any data replicated from those devices to the cloud database is automatically replicated back down to all the other mobile devices and computers joined to that cloud. Once you have data in your Cloud, you can use it on your computer through the "App Emulator". The App Emulator is a version of the Forms Mobile App which runs in a browser on computers. To do this just "Join a Cloud" in the App Emulator. Once you join the cloud, the data in your cloud database is replicated to and from the computer, just like the mobile devices that are also joined to the cloud. The cloud database is your own private Couch database. You can even use the Couch database management interfaces, such as Futon, to work with the data in those databases. In addition, you can integrate your Couch into your systems, it's open source and very flexible! Be aware that if the Cloud is not desirable, the Forms Mobile App provides two other methods to transfer the data from the mobile devices to computers in files using an Internet connection or the standard data cable provided by the mobile device manufacturer.
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