To activate the Data-Easy Field Data Collector Mobile Application Emulator, please Register with this site.  If you have already registered and you are returning, please Login to this site .  


Once you have registered with or logged into this site , you will find the Mobile App Emulator below.  Be aware that It is not the actual Data-Easy Forms Mobile App.  The actual Mobile App runs entirely on the mobile device it is installed upon and it does NOT require an Internet Connection on the mobile device to function.  Here we have provided a tool which emulates the Mobile App in a web page.  It is not fully functional.  It cannot snap photos, or read the compass. However, it does simulate the Mobile App in nearly every other way, including exporting files down to your hard drive. The functionality is most effective if you join a cloud in the emulator because then it will sync with all the devices in the same cloud.  The settings and data you create in the emulator are unique to your computer.  The emulator enables you to use the Mobile App's features, such as building your own forms. If you join a cloud, any forms you build here will wil replicate to the devices that also join the cloud. Please try it out and give us Feedback in the Data-Easy Forms Mobile Application Forum


If you run into any technical issues or you have questions about the Data-Easy Forms mobile application, send an email to